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Ugly Houses Do Not Bring A Pretty Penny!

BY Guest Blogger Andrea Onomoto, Property Specialist, Ammre Property Management

Today’s residents have plenty of options when it comes to renting a property. Residents often choose to pay for a style that better fits their personality. Styles change with the era, not only does architectural design so do appliances and furniture. One thing that is static, the year the house was designed and built. Whether it was 1950’s or 1990’s some architectural designers had some pretty radical ways to incorporate the time periods style in their projects.

As the market climbs higher, it may be time to look into maximizing your investment.How is this done? Start with making the investment property look the best it can. We do not have to “keep up with the Jones’”, but a nice “clean” minimal approach will help you boost the curb appeal. Broken fountains, crab grass patches, weeds, and trash are some of the things to eliminate. Once you increase the curb appeal up you will notice an increased interest in your property.

Why stop there? AMMRE residents spend 80% of their time inside the property. Shag carpet, green kitchen sinks, and blue walls are some of the things you want to eliminate to maximize your investment. Starting with a blank slate is always the best option. Flat white paint, neutral carpet, and a low maintenance features help residents see themselves in the property easier and are more likely to apply. Updating your income property will only improve your chances of finding the best residents. Simple non-radical changes can go a long way in increasing the value of your home. 

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Posted by: Blair Hart on April 13, 2015
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