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Locally Distilled Whiskey, Vodka, and Gin

Two years ago, Steve Paternoster, the owner of Scalo Northern Grill, and some of his friends were tasting fine whiskey. Somewhere in their discussions they all agreed they could come up with some even better concoctions themselves. They decided they would would open a small local distillery here in Albuquerque and make some of the best whiskey, vodka and gin in the country. The partners think that craft distilleries may see a boom, similar to the one a few decades ago for local and craft breweries. There are only a few top players in the liquor industry, though craft distilleries are growing across the U.S., especially in California, Oregon and Washington.

glass of whiskey

Whiskey, Vodka, and Gin

They will open a local high-end Albuquerque distillery soon in East Nob Hill’s Highland district. Paternoster and his business partners, Nick Pavlakos, Roger Peery and Roger Aguiar do not have a name yet, but Paternoster said the concept is a boutique distillery that will make local, high-quality whiskey, vodka and gin. He said the distillery will have also other drinks and a food menu, though the team hasn’t worked out the concept just yet. “We want it to satisfy the needs and artistry of millennials, but also be welcoming to someone like my dad, who’s 88,” Paternoster said.

Posted by: Blair Hart on June 20, 2016