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What is it like to live in Albuquerque?

Albuquerque is a fantastic place to live, work and own a business. Many people out of the state have no idea or have misconceptions about what Albuquerque is like.  

According to Candace Beeke, editor of Albuquerque Business First “most people who do not live here know nothing about it (Albuquerque). That seems to gel with what real scientific research showed the Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau, COO Tania Armenta told me at Economic Forum last week, where I shared my initial impressions of the city with the group of about 100 business leaders.
They either love us, know nothing about us, or associate us with Phoenix, she said. OK, I did have that initial misperception, I’ll admit it.
This means we have a chance to shape how the world sees us — something many cities wish for. If we want to be weird like Austin, Texas, we can turn the spotlight on Nob Hill, pump up our hot air balloon culture and put it all to the soundtrack of the Shins. If we want to be the place where the elite boomers bring their spectacular wealth and business savvy, you can’t beat our weather, low cost of living and quality of life. If you’re more interested in attracting those hip millennials, see earlier points about great weather, low cost of living and amazing quality of life, and add breweries and outdoor activities. Want to ride the STEM wave into the future? If only we had some of the most ”

Posted by: Blair Hart on September 15, 2015